Tuesday, 1 October 2013

15 Second Review: The Heat (2013)

Is there room for yet another cop buddy movie in the marketplace? Does anyone want another Sandra Bullock cop flick when we already have Miss Congeniality AND Miss Congeniality 2? The answer to both of these questions is (of course) "hell yes". Obviously not even Sandra Bullock needs a Sandra Bullock cop buddy movie, but surely anyone with any sense wants one: in my book, it is like asking whether I need another donut. Much like a donut, The Heat is not exactly surprising, but it is sweet and does not disappoint. McCarthy and Bullock have great chemistry: they fit together like sugared dough and jam (that's right, I'm going to milk this donut analogy to the bitter end - I'm not ashamed). Aside from one unnecessarily nasty line about a clam knife, the script is light, fluffy fun and has a gooey centre. I'd better stop now: the phrase "taken into custardy" just crossed my mind.

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