Saturday 16 November 2013

Sweden, R-Ratings and Dross Whedon

After yesterday's rant, an offering to those readers looking for a more interesting proposal regarding the future of film ratings: how about the Swedish proposition that films should be rated for sexism? Consider this: in The Avengers (2012) Loki threatening refers to Black Widow  - one of the only female characters in the movie -  as a 'mewling quim'. Is the film's gun-based violence really more shocking than its patently offensive dialogue? Even more offensive is that after penning this atrocity Joss Whedon attempted to take issue with the term 'feminist'... will someone spare the man a dime so that he can buy a basic primer on gender discourse?

For anyone with the patience to sit through his 'now-infamous...soon-to-be-forgotten' speech, check it out below. Or don't bother.

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