Saturday 2 December 2017

New Articles Coming Soon

I have two new articles coming out in print soon.

“The Origin of the Faeces” is a short piece about the tenth anniversary of the viral video 2Girls1Cup. The essays is part of a special section of Porn Studies (available in the online version here and an open-access/post-print version here). I was invited to contribute by Susanna Paasonen: read her article about 2Girls1Cup here (or an open access version here).

Here is the abstract:
On the ten year anniversary of 2Girls1Cup, this article examines the complex balance of shock, pleasure and disgust elicited by this viral video.

My article “Preserved for Posterity? Present Bias and the Status of Grindhouse Films in the 'Home Cinema' Era” was published in The Journal of Film and Video, and is available to read here (the official publication is currently open access - should that change, the pre-print version is available here).

Here is the abstract:
Despite the closure of virtually all original grindhouse cinemas, ‘grindhouse’ lives on as a conceptual term. This article contends that the prevailing conceptualization of ‘grindhouse’ is problematized by a widening gap between the original grindhouse context (‘past’) and the DVD/home-viewing context (present). Despite fans’ and filmmakers’ desire to preserve this part of exploitation cinema history, the world of the grindhouse is now little more than a blurry set of tall-tales and faded phenomenal experiences, which are subject to present-bias. The continuing usefulness of grindhouse-qua-concept requires that one should pay heed to the contemporary contexts in which ‘grindhouse’ is evoked.

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