Monday 25 March 2013

15 Second Review: The Tall Man

Long before it was released, I made my peace with the idea that The Tall Man was not going to match its predecessor. Martyrs is the filmic equivalent of a mugging. I subsequently saw House of Voices, and found it to be quite sterile. Although it is Laugier's third feature, The Tall Man is a bridging point between House of Voices and Martyrs. The Tall Man shares some of Martyrs' game-changing style, and much of House of Voices'  tonal restraint.
I am reluctant to say much about The Tall Man's plot since it relies on unexpected shifts every 30 minutes. Clearly, Laugier is developing a style that contravenes the four-act plot model - at each of the four points a new shift is triggered.
Biel puts in a typically confident performance, as do the supporting cast. Aside from the opening credit sequence, the film looks sleek. The production is very accomplished, it just doesn't quite satisfy. What is clear is that Laugier has a commitment to the genre and is developing an original voice. I am sure that we have not yet seen Laugier's best, and that is a truly exciting prospect, even if The Tall Man itself is not.

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