Thursday, 2 May 2013

15 Second Review: 247°F

Whereas Jaws sought to scare people away from large bodies of water, 247°F's tagline promises that one will "never step foot in a sauna again". That contrast summates 247°F's limited ambitions more broadly. The film is fine as long as the viewer is content with seeing some young people in swimwear. However, watching ths film is one of the more challenging ways to indulge in such voyeurism. Be prepared to put up with dialogue so whiny that it would test the patience of even the most ardent bikini fan.
Frustratingly, there are some hints of promise here. The narrative is structured as if the writer has tried to experiment and/or provide some intrigue. However, the end result is a film that is confused and badly paced rather than clever. There is nowhere near enough tension, gore, suspense, excitement, character development, or even story to sustain 90 minutes here. What 247°F boils down to is exactly what one might expect from the poster art - teens trapped in a sauna. That five word synopsis is a damned sight faster to read than watching 247°F is, and contains just as much substance as the finished movie does. 

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