Sunday, 19 May 2013

15 Second Review: Needle (2010)

I couldn’t follow this one. I tried, honestly I did. Okay so became bored and started checking my email. Nevertheless, it is not really my fault that I become distracted. In the first ten minutes,  the movie is constituted by an overly-long set of opening credits, a sequence in which someone inexplicitly bleeds to death, followed by a high-school sequence that reminded me of the opening of 2001 Maniacs. Not a promising start, and the film continues in much the same way. Someone goes indoor climbing and starts bleeding. Their climbing buddy shouts “what the f**k is going on?”. I do not think that the statement was intentionally self-reflexive. The few recognisable faces from recent horror movies (John Jarratt from Wolf Creek, Michael Dorman from Triangle, Nathaniel Buzolic from The Vampire Diaries) do not help. In fact, their presence makes this feel even more like a disjointed conflation of “bits” that have been inexpertly stitched together. There is some lame wrap up to suggest coherent motivation, but ultimately Needle just needs to get to the point. as it stands, the movie is unfocused piffle.  

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