Monday 17 November 2014

15 Second Review: Shame the Devil

Several questions haunted me while I was watching Shame the Devil:
  • In a broadly secular age, why are so many serial killer films still so obsessed with religion (particularly Catholicism)?
  • Why burden what is otherwise a standard religious-themed serial killer film with Saw-style "trap" sequences?
  • Why rip-off the iconic tropes of Saw so long after the trend, but not long enough after that anyone has yet forgotten where the tropes originated from?
  • Why are the Saw elements even present when they are at odds with the killer's general ethos? Why point out the contradictions in the dialogue?
  • Does anyone want to see unspectacular, gore-free Saw-style traps? By the close of the Saw series, the traps were grandiose contraptions, so what made the filmmakers think Shame the Devil's electric collar and pitch-shifted voice-over would cut it?
  • Does anyone want to see a murder-mystery without any mystery? When it is perfectly obvious from the the film's earliest moments who the killer is and what their motives are, why include a reveal that implies that the audience is meant to be surprised?
  • Why have I accidentally seen so many Paul Tanter films this month? Why does Tanter insist on making genre films that struggle to match the genre he is cloning (e.g. a whodunit with no mystery; three football hooliganism films with barely any football and virtually no hooliganism... and so forth)?
 Shame on you Paul Tanter. Shame on me too.

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