Saturday, 20 April 2013

15 Second Review: Panic Room

If you have not seen Panic Room, play a game with me here. Have a guess what happens in the film. Write down the plot in as much detail as you like. Then pick up a copy (I got mine for 60 pence). Prepare to be shocked as to how uncannily accurate your guesses are, even if you are working from the title alone.  
There is little more to say. There is a panic room, and Jodie Foster hides in it.  The movie offers scant character development or resolution. The filmmakers manage to string nearly two hours out of its limited set-up. David Fincher's direction is competent, but hardly thrilling. The most surprising aspect of the film is that Sony managed to spin their 2004 special edition release of this film over three yawn-tastic discs.

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