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Men and Masculinities (16:5, 2013) and Film-Philosophy (17:1, 2013)

CoverTwo more journals have recently published their end-of-year issues. Men and Masculinities (16:5, 2013) contains a number of articles themed around medical issues (TOC below)

Accruing Masculinity Capital: Dominant and Hegemonic Masculinities in the 2004 Political Conventions
Sheryl Cunningham, David Domke, Kevin Coe, Anna Fahey and Nancy Van Leuven

Moving through Illness with Strong Backs and Soft Fronts: A Substantive Theory of Men’s Help-seeking during Cancer
Lisa M. Wenger

Using the Inequitable Gender Norms Scale and Associated HIV Risk Behaviors among Men at High Risk for HIV in Ghana and Tanzania
Dominick Shattuck, Holly Burke, Catalina Ramirez, Stacey Succop, Betsy Costenbader, John Dekyem Attafuah, Erasmus Mndeme, Jessie Mbwambo and Greg Guest

Glitter(Foot)ball Tactics: Negotiating Mainstream Gender Equality in Iceland
Mafalda Stasi and Adrienne Evans

Psychological Characteristics of Tunisian Infertile Men: A Research Note
Badii Amamou, Yousri El Kissi, Samir Hidar, Souhail Bannour, Khadija Ayoubi Idrissi, Hedi Khairi and Bechir Ben Hadj Ali

Film-Philosophy ISSN 1466-4615The new mammoth issue of Film Philosophy (17:1, 2013) is also available. The issue is comprised of 25 articles (see TOC below). From next year, the issue format is being abandoned in favour of a per-article publication system in order to avoid back-logging. For the time being, the journal is still not accepting new submissions.

The Facts Before Our Eyes: Wittgenstein and the  Film Noir  Investigator (1-18)
Keith Dromm

'How Can It Not Know What It Is?': Self and Other in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner  (19-50)
Andrew Norris

Ghost in the Shell 2 , Technicity and the Subject (51-67)
Daniel Hourigan

Throne of Blood  and the Metaphysics of Tragedy (68-83)
Henry Somers-Hall

'That Man Behind the Curtain': Atheism and Belief in  The Wizard of Oz (84-95)
Justin Remes

Film Noir as  Point de Capiton :  Double Indemnity, Structure and Temporality (96-114)
Ben Tyrer

Shooting for Dead Time in Gus Van Sant's  Elephant  (115-133)
William Little

Bad Memories: Haneke with Locke on Personal Identity and Post-Colonial Guilt (134-153)
Justine McGill

‘Misfortune’s Image’: The Cinematic Representation of Trauma in Robert Bresson’s  Mouchette  (1967) (154-176)
Mark Cresswell, Zulfia Karimova

The Ister : Cinema's Interruption (177-192)
Linda Daley

Otherness and the Renewal of Freedom in Jarmusch's  Down by Law : A Levinasian and Arendtian Reading (193-211)
Mark Cauchi

Mimesis Reconsidered: Adorno and Tarkovsky  contra  Habermas (212-233)
Simon Mussell

Nietzsche and Bad Conscience on  Mosquito Coast  (234-244)
James Edward Gough, Sue Matheson

The Closure of the ‘Gold Window’: From ‘Camera-Eye’ to ‘Brain-Screen’ (245-264)
Morgan M Adamson

A New/Old Ontology of Film (265-280)
Rafe McGregor

Internal Needs, Endoxa and the Truth: An Aristotelian Approach to the Popular Screenplay (281-295)
Daniel McInerny

Extreme Makeover: Art and Morality in  The Shape of Things  (296-314)
Joseph H. Kupfer

‘Even the Ghost was more than one person’: Hauntology and Authenticity in Todd Haynes’  I’m Not There  (315-330)
Carolyn D'Cruz, Glenn D'Cruz

I’m Glad I’m Not Me: Subjective Dissolution, Schizoanalysis and Post-Structuralist Ethics in the Films of Todd Haynes (330-347)
Helen Darby

Truth, Autobiography and Documentary: Perspectivism in Nietzsche and Herzog (348-366)
Katrina Mitcheson

Left-over Spaces: The Cinema of the Dardenne Brothers (367-382)
Benoit Dillet, Tara Puri

Homeopathic Repetition and  Memories of Underdevelopment: The Dialectic of Subjective Experience and Objective Historical Forces (383-401)
Trevor James Cunnington

Charcoal Matter with Memory: Images of Movement, Time and Duration in the animated films of William Kentridge. (402-423)
David H. Fleming

The Philosophical Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes: The Silent Films of Stan Brakhage (424-445)
James Michael Magrini

‘The Epidermis of Reality’: Artaud, the Material Body and Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc  (445-461)
Ros Murray

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