Thursday 12 December 2013

Nous (47:4, 2013) and Sexualities Themed Issue on 50 shades

It has been a busy couple of weeks journal-wise, so there is plenty to read over the winter break.

Cover image for Vol. 47 Issue 4The new issue of Nous (47:4, 2013) is out now, and features the usual combination of fascinating articles (TOC below)

Edward S. Hinchman

Agustín Rayo

Neil Sinhababu

Rafael De Clercq

Elijah Chudnoff

Nicoletta Orlandi

Paul Audi

Maria Lasonen-Aarnio

CoverAlso, the new special issue of Sexualities (16:8, 2013) is out : it is themed around Fifty Shades of Grey. The issue is edited by Bethan Jones, Sarah Harman and Ruth Deller, and features articles by Feona Attwood, Ian Hunter and Clarissa Smith among many others. The issue is open access until March, TOC below.

Introduction to the special issue: Reading the Fifty Shades ‘phenomenon’
Ruth A Deller, Sarah Harman, and Bethan Jones

Consensual non-consent: Comparing EL James’s Fifty Shades of Grey and Pauline Réage’s Story of O

Angelika Tsaros

Flogging sexual transgression: Interrogating the costs of the ‘Fifty Shadeseffect’

Alex Dymock

Consent is a grey area? A comparison of understandings of consent inFifty Shades of Grey and on the BDSM blogosphere

Meg Barker

When religious ‘mommy bloggers’ met ‘mommy porn’: Evangelical Christian and Mormon women’s responses to Fifty Shades

Deborah Whitehead

Reading the BDSM romance: Reader responses to Fifty Shades

Ruth A Deller and Clarissa Smith

Fifty shades of ghey: Snark fandom and the figure of the anti-fan

Sarah Harman and Bethan Jones

Pre-reading and failing to read Fifty Shades of Grey

IQ Hunter

Fifty Shades and the law: Regulating sex and sex media in the UK

Feona Attwood and Caroline Walters

Fifty Shades of sex shop: Sexual fantasy for sale

Amber Martin

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