Sunday, 1 December 2013

Metaphilosophy 44:4 (2013)

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Metaphilosophy 44:4 (2013) is out now, and features several interesting articles about morality and epistemology

Table of Contents
Situating Moral Justification: Rethinking the Mission of Moral Epistemology
Authors: Jaggar, Alison M.; Tobin, Theresa W.

Naturalizing Moral Justification: Rethinking the Method of Moral Epistemology
Authors: Tobin, Theresa W.; Jaggar, Alison M.

Can Explanatory Reasons Be Good Reasons for Action?
Author: Beaulieu, Gerald

Error Theory and the Concept of Morality
Author: Bloomfield, Paul

In Defense of Anti‐Archimedean Moral Realism: A Response to Recent Critics
Author: Clipsham, Patrick

Author: Duran, Jane

Getting Luck Properly Under Control
Author: McKinnon, Rachel

In Defense of a Broad Conception of Experimental Philosophy
Authors: Rose, David; Danks, David

Epistemic Responsibility and Critical Thinking
Author: Vaidya, Anand Jayprakash

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