Tuesday, 19 February 2013

15 second review: Dredd

If a film lacks plot, it had better compensate with some spectacular visuals. Luckily the makers of Dredd understand that principle. There is virtually no story to speak of. Much like The Raid, the criminal towerblock setting is used to facilitate a number of outlandish displays of violence. Those exhibitions are certainly aided by Dredd's gimmick - a drug that slows the perception of time passing. Gun fights are frequently presented in a serene, drifting fashion. Some critics have complained the technique was overused. I would have welcomed more of it. Dredd is helped along by its glossy aesthetic, which is reminiscent of a cross between the game Mirror's Edge and the film Robocop 2. I use both points of comparison in a complimentary sense. Dredd is also well paced. It never drags, despite its plotlessness.

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