Thursday, 21 February 2013

15 Second Review: Harold's Going Stiff

With a refreshing premise, Harold's Going Stiff is of the same ilk as its low-budget British counterparts such as Colin and I, Zombie. Like those movies, Harold's Going Stiff suffers from some issues with acting (particularly in the opening sequence). It is also slightly confused.  At times it is based around mockumentary-style interviews, but mostly it plays out as a straight narrative. The filmmakers' attempts at comedy flounder. Some may also find its companionship plot too saccharine to fit with the horror elements. The cover art certainly sells the film as horror, which is unrepresentative of the film's tone. The central strength of Harold's Going Stiff is the comparison made between zombiedom and old age. Although not especially subtle, Harold's gradual mental and physical decline is not as laboured as it so easily could have been. The idea is allowed to breathe. The smartest element of the film is that zombiedom is used not only as a parallel for Harold's failing abilities, but also to manifest Harold's subsequent frustration.

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