Monday 5 August 2013

15 Second Review: Dead Island (Xbox360, 2011)

First, the bad news. Dead Island is glitchy as Hell: zombies regularly walk through walls and the game suffers from under-running when too many zombies enter the screen space, for instance. Some missions require precision jumping, and the control system is not designed to handle such motion. There is little opportunity to escape the onset of a zombie horde: I spent more time running past from zombies than I did fighting them. The Ryder Campaign is especially frustrating – I found myself sprinting to reach the next checkpoint before I died rather than trying to stand and fight. Now, here is the good news. Those faults aside, there is plenty to do here. The side missions are quite fun and are compulsive – in spite of its faults, I played this for hours. In fact, I played through to the end. Amassing some ultra-destructive weapons and learning the island’s layout really increases the game’s appeal.

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