Thursday 1 August 2013

15 Second Review: Slasher House (2013)

Right, it is rant time. Slasher House suffers from a serious technical problem: the sound mix is so bad, that it renders the film virtually unwatchable. Mumbled dialogue is drowned out by echoes and background noise. Turning the volume up to hear said dialogue is not an option because the “scary” bits are so much louder than the speech. Riding the volume control for the duration is not an appealing prospect, and hardly makes for a gripping experience. Since the filmmakers evidently do not care if the audience has to struggle to access the dialogue, then I suppose the script does not matter. Subtitles are not included, so the distributors evidently agree with that (damning) assessment. The plot – or at least what is graspable without full access to the script – is babble. On the plus side, the saturated green-lighting (although over-used) helps to mask how cheap the film is, and the contrasting red tones work well. However, if writer/director/editor/co-producer/ cinematographer/costumer designer MJ Dixon wishes to rise above mediocrity, he or she should take on less. They should at least seek the assistance of a talented sound designer and mixer rather than taking on too much themselves. As it stands, Dixon puts the ‘hack’ in hack’n’slash.

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