Sunday 25 August 2013

15 Second Review: House of Flesh Mannequins (2009)

House of Flesh Mannequins' blend of (somewhat) graphic sex, (not especially) graphic murder, filmmaking and pornography reminded me of A Serbian Film. Yet, released in 2009, House of Flesh Mannequins beat its (in)famous counterpart to the punch. The comparison implies a problem:  although released before A Serbian Film, House of Flesh Mannequins is utterly overshadowed by Spasojevic's movie. A Serbian Film is nastier, glossier, better acted, more violent, wittier, more narratologically complex, thematically richer and more memorable than Domiziano Cristopharo's effort. House of Flesh Mannequins draws inspiration from horror films such as Peeping Tom and perhaps even the work of David Lynch. Cristopharo overtly aims to create art-horror. However, that aim impedes the film: the result is neither as artistic nor horrific as it ought to be. I have not yet seen any of Cristopharo's subsequent films, but his debut is hampered by self-consciousness. Hopefully his other films are pitched towards the audience rather than being bogged down in navel gazing. Given the film's themes, it all feels slightly w**ky.  

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