Tuesday, 3 June 2014

15 Second Review: Blue Ruin (2013)

Having won the FIPRESCI prize at Cannes, Blue Ruin has been over-hyped by numerous critics. As long as one lowers their expectations from the gushing praise the film has received, one will find much to recommend about Jeremy Saulnier's tale of revenge. Unlike revenge flicks such as Robocop (in which a noob cop turns into cyborg-Christ), The Punisher (in which a super badass turns into an ultra-hard vigilante) or Death Sentence (in which an average guy turns into a reasonably hard vigilante), Blue Ruin features a mundane guy who remains almost tediously normal. Consequently his revenge is mediocre, and the film is all the better for it. For all the blood that is shed during its run-time, Blue Ruin is a quiet affair. Although not as bleak, stony or powerful as 7 DaysBlue Ruin's tone turns a plot that is as average as its protagonist into a film that feels fairly fresh.

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