Thursday, 26 June 2014

15 Second Review: Vendetta

Danny Dyer has starred in some remarkably bad films, and his acting fluctuates wildly across his filmography. Usually, if Dyer is phoning it in, the film itself is appalling (NB: remember kids,  correlation does not equal causation). Vendetta is a strange combination insofar as Dyer is pretty dire, but the film itself is a fun ride. It is not a great movie in the "traditional" sense, but it is underpinned by an interesting - albeit unoriginal - set of ideas about the follies of retaliation. Outrageous in a fashion that reminded me of Nick Love's Outlaw (2007), Vendetta is fairly fast-paced and certainly kept me entertained.  For my money, it is easily the best Danny Dyer film I have seen: make of that what you will.

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